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Our Flagship Product

Our proprietary hybrid wall/flooring/ceiling assembly finally addresses the junction between the perimeter wall and gypsum flooring.This "L" Flashing detail treats the junction with a fire-resistant resin, and the wood sheeting to prevent water damage, pests, and mold. Coming soon, pending final UL testing.

How do homebuilders benefit from Advance-Crete?

  • No more tear outs due to floor flooding

  • Install sheetrock and cabinets the day after pour

  • Provides powerful warranties

  • Significantly mitigates builder risk by hybrid design

  • A “green” flooring system using 98% recycled materials in the components

  •  Extremely flat floors to 1/8” variance, thus eliminating calendar days for floor prepping

  • In multi-residential properties, contains leaks within one unit, water does not spread unit to unit

  • Cuts job delays from 5 to 21 days depending on building type compared to traditional gypsum flooring

Advance-Crete proprietary hybrid assembly for wall, flooring, and ceiling junctions

How do homeowners benefit from Advance-Crete?

  • Advance-Crete contains any leaks on the floor and thus greatly reduces the chance for mold to grow in the wall cavity and results in better air quality and healthier homes.

  • Noise from adjoining multi-residential units is diminished by the thicker poured floor and sound attenuation mats

  • Eliminates displacement and disruption of a tear out from water damage and mold remediation

  • Ideal for: hospitality, hospitals, senior living facilities, condominiums, apartments

Fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant Advance-Crete resin for wall and flooring junctions

How do insurers benefit from Advance-Crete?

  • Less insurance payouts

  • Less expensive payouts

  • Less homeowner relocations in multi-residential properties

  • More competitive insurance premiums

  • Less risk to insurers

  • Advance-Crete system contains any leaks within the unit, eliminating water damage and mold spreading throughout the building due to water leaks.

Durable Advance-Crete 'L' Flashing with fire, mold, and pest resistance, pending UL testing
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