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Acrylic + Fiber Lath Reinforced
Combo System

Premier “top-choice” Waterproof System for extreme above grade plywood deck waterproofing needs.


Flex-Dek PRO is a combination of a metal lath reinforced and a fiber reinforced deck system for use on walking decks, balconies, corridors, stairs and landings 4 stories and up. It is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments, and office buildings. The Flex-Dek PRO system may incorporate Seal Guard under the lath as a back-up waterproof membrane and reinforcement for plywood seams. This product can be applied over most old deck systems to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces. It is bonded together with specially formulated acrylic emulsions and can be sealed with Advance-Crete Series. See our Resurfacing Systems literature for types of finishes that can be achieved.


Uses & Recommended Surfaces

Flex-Dek PRO works only on plywood walking decks. It is recommended for the discriminating contractor or building owner who demands the finest in design, strength and durability. Flex-Dek PRO is ideal for areas with heavy traffic, high winds, high rises, or in cases where elimination of plywood seams is essential. Flex-Dek PRO has been designed for balconies, corridors, stairs and landings.

Balcony with Flex-Dek PRO system, ideal for high-traffic and high-wind areas.
Detailed view of Flex-Dek PRO system layers, including metal lath, base coat, fiberglass, slurry coats, and decorative finish
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