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Durable & Flexible
Concrete Waterproofing


Strong, Flexible and Durable Waterproofing System Flex-Crete is an incredibly flexible cementitious waterproofing system designed for concrete decks, magnesite and over existing waterproofing systems. Flex-Crete is also a fiber lath reinforced decking system installed with a series of four separate water-based acrylic applications. Designed for both commercial and residential use, Flex-Crete is ideal for areas with heavy traffic and provides excellent coefficient of friction. Flex-Crete is designed for balconies, corridors, stairs and landings and is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings.




Fast Drying

With minimal down time, Flex-Crete can typically withstand pedestrian traffic within hours of application.



Rich acrylic resins provide flexible crack remediation for possible expansion and contraction of the substrate.


UV Resistant

The system is designed to withstand the tough UV rays of the sun, even in the harshest of climates. For up to 30% surface temperature reduction, seal your deck with our heat reflective coating. Save your feet!


Safe and Durable Anti-Skid Finish

The system is naturally designed with a anti-skid, yet decorative finish.


Strong & Durable

Flex-Crete uses only durable and rich acrylic resins.


Cover-Up Failing Systems

Flex-Crete can provide a remedial solution for existing failing decks while providing a flexible yet durable waterproof membrane.



Our eco-friendly formulas do not sacrifice any quality in the coatings.


Choice of Colors & Textures

Incorporate endless decorative overlay design options for aesthetics

Flex-Crete logo representing a strong, flexible, and durable waterproofing system for decks and balconies.
Flex-Crete waterproofing system applied on residential deck, showcasing its durable and UV-resistant finish.
Close-up of Flex-Crete system layers, including fiber lath, base coat, slurry coat, and top coat for enhanced durability.
Flex-Crete waterproofing applied on a school walkway, demonstrating its strong and flexible anti-skid finish.
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