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Advance Flooring Products A New Decking Systems Supplier Launches in Benicia CA

AP News

11 Oct 2023

Advance Flooring Products (AFP) is a new source for deck coatings, epoxy floors, handrails, and hybrid gypsum flooring systems in Northern California. AFP’s cutting edge products and services aims to revolutionize the Decking and Railing Industry with the opening of their Benicia, CA warehouse.

Advance Flooring Products (AFP), an innovative decking systems and handrails supplier/ manufacturer, officially opened in Benicia, CA. AFP provides deck flashing, coatings, and handrails as well as maintenance and warranty programs. AFP’s products are specifically designed for builders to build healthier and safer homes, buildings and decks that are compliant with the new California Balcony Laws.

Led by CEO, Jim Metzger, AFP is set to revolutionize the decking and railing industry. Jim has spent over 25 years in the Waterproofing and Gypsum Flooring industry as a specialty contractor where he innovated and enhanced waterproofing systems, which have become the builder standard for many home builders and general contractors making Jim one of the most trusted advocates in the field. Jim’s ideas manifested into his transition from applicator to supplier with Advance Flooring Products.

“We will revolutionize the decking and railing industry, create a future of safer, more efficient, and durable construction projects with long term warranty and maintenance programs,” states Jim Metzger. AFP’s cutting edge product line aims to solve builders’, contractors’, and hotels’ issues. Flex-Dek and Flex-Dek Pro are extremely durable and flexible waterproof decking systems. Advance-Crete is a proprietary fire and mold resistant hybrid gypsum flooring assembly (coming soon), and custom handrails with a unique bracket system that will change how rails are mounted in the industry.

AFP’s products are designed to be easy to install and maintain, while providing superior protection and durability. The company also offers a variety of warranty and maintenance programs to ensure that their products are always performing at their best. With the opening of their new location in Benicia, CA, AFP is poised to revolutionize the decking and railing industry.

AFP is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to builders, contractors, hotels, and commercial buildings. With their innovative products and services, they are sure to make a lasting impact on the decking and railing industry. With the opening of their new location in Benicia, CA, AFP is ready to revolutionize the decking and railing industry.

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Contact Info:

Name: Jim Metzger

Organization: Advance Flooring Products

Address: 675 Stone Rd, Benicia, CA 94510, United States

Phone: +1-707-742-5360


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