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How AFP Revolutionizes Deck and Handrail Installs Part I

Deck and handrail installs have been a headache for home builders and contractors for a long time. The traditional methods were often tedious, leading to potential failures and contractors releasing the water proofer and applicator from warranty obligations due to rail-induced damage as well as countless lawsuits against builders and contractors. However, AFP has brought a revolution in the industry by designing new installation methods that mitigate flaws in deck and handrail installs. In this blog post, we will explore how AFP's unique bracket system and The Guardian Clip™ have transformed the story.

AFP's Waterproofing and Railing Scopes AFP has changed the narrative by designing waterproofing and railing scopes together, ensuring that rail installations come under warranty. This is a significant step as traditional methods did not account for the rail installation being a huge part of the waterproofing process. It is now standard to approve projects from the specification stage rather than the old way of dealing with the damage once the rails have been installed.

AFP's innovation includes The Guardian Clip™, a unique patented rail clip that revolutionizes deck construction. The Guardian Clip enables handrails to be mounted on top of the decks, addressing longstanding industry problems such as rail deflection, waterproofing cracks, and tedious rail servicing. This clip provides an exceptionally clean look, and the application of coatings is done separately, making it easier for contractors. We’ll go into more detail about the Guardian Clip™ in Part II.

Gone are the days when contractors had to penetrate the waterproofing and compromise the fascia to install deck mounted rails. AFP's unique bracket system changes that. The brackets are installed before the waterproofing, and the fascia is installed on top of them to maintain integrity. With this bracket system, deck mounted rails can be attached without penetrating the waterproofing, and the rail posts don't make the top of the deck surface look elongated.

Addressing Industry Problems AFP's installation methods address major industry problems, including deflection, waterproofing cracks, and tedious rail servicing. The Guardian Clip™ is known for being strong and able to prevent railing systems from deflection, and after employing The Guardian Clip™ into your deck system, water damage is now a completely preventable issue.

Conclusion: AFP has designed a unique installation system that makes deck and handrail installs less tedious and more effective while reducing costs. By designing waterproofing and railing scopes together, contractors can eliminate the problem of rail-induced damage and lower costs. AFP's The Guardian Clip™ ensures that your railing system is secure and waterproofed, thus preventing water damage, deflection, and tedious rail servicing. We hope you find this post informative, and we invite you to contact us as your preferred AFP provider today.

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