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  • Jim Metzger

Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Deck for Successful Installations: Tips from Waterproofing Experts

Manufacturers unanimously agree that proper preparation, or "prep," is crucial for successful product installations. Without adequate prep work, system and coating installations are likely

to fail. It is recommended to collaborate with a licensed contractor throughout the preparation process. Let's dive into preparing your deck for concrete and plywood waterproofing systems.


First, thoroughly inspect your deck. Consider its construction, slope, damages, drainage, previous coatings, and purpose. These questions may lead to further inquiries based on the answers you uncover.

During the inspection, ensure the deck has a 2% slope away from the structure to prevent water from flowing back. Design proper flashing and check thresholds and stucco weep screeds to guide water towards the drains.


Next, identify and repair any damages promptly. Weak surfaces will compromise the waterproof system. Replace damaged joists, plywood, and thresholds for plywood decks. Rectify delaminated concrete, cracks, spalling, and pits for concrete decks. Products like Advance Flooring Product's AC-2 can assist in effective repairs.


Before proceeding, ensure the deck surface is clean. Remove stains, dirt, debris, and loose coatings. Spot clean stains, scrape residue or failing coatings, and use a push broom or leaf blower for a refreshing clean.

At Advance Flooring Products (AFP), we work with some of the biggest builders, property managers, and hotels in Northern CA. Visit our website to explore our cutting-edge waterproofing systems. We are here to support all your waterproofing needs and ensure your deck stands the test of time!

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